Hoodies are a household name in the majority’s wardrobes. This type of sweatshirt has enjoyed great success first as sportswear. Today they are not solely as a laid-back Sunday afternoon outfit. Some people have made hoodies part of their everyday wear. They are great for a street look or even traveling. When fall and winter approach, hoodies are often in season. Hoodies for men can look great when paired with:

  • Chinos
  • Denims
  • Sweatpants
  • Shorts

They can also be excellent outerwear layering different top designs such as tees, tank tops, and shirts. Well since hoodies are here to stay, how can you achieve a glam look in one? Is there a formula or trick? Let’s discuss five ways to look great in hoodies


Nothing is as important in outfits as colors. They dictate the mood and feeling of the day. When it comes to hoodies there is an array of colors to use. Although you aren’t limited when it comes to choosing a color, you need to know your way around the color palette.

For instance, you can select neutral-colored hoodies for men, if you want an easier way of pairing without complications. These may include shades of grey, brown, white, or black. You can check out our collections for awesome neutral-colored hoodies.


Concerning hoodies, it is crucial to identify the type of fit that suits your body shape. Hoodies can look good as a buggy fit, standard, or close fit depending on your shape and comfort. Hence when it comes to selecting, know beforehand which fit will work for you.


There are two popular types of hoodies; zip and pullover. Choosing either of the two depends on individual preferences. Nevertheless, as a store that emphasizes pullover hoodies for men, we recommend them. They are easier to wear and warmer. At times zipped hoodies can be a challenge especially if the zipper malfunctions. Additionally, if you are looking for chest-printed designs, a pullover is a great choice.

Types of hoodies can also depend on features such as drawstring and pockets.

Prints and Patterns:

Consider sprucing up your hoodie by going for printed pattern versions. These offer a great opportunity to depict uniqueness and style. To achieve this stylish look, you can choose from custom-made designs. This is what we have stressed in our hoodie collections. However, you can decide to keep it simple with a plain one.


Looking stylish also means choosing perfect fabrics. Most of the time, fabric blends such as poly and cotton can help you enjoy different aspects such as comfort, stretchability, durability, and good texture.

Get Started with the Best Hoodie:

A stylish hoodie means knowing the best destination to purchase one. As a brand that deals with customizing hoodies and women’s t-shirts in Ireland our categories are what you need for an awesome stylish outfit ensemble.

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